Yamaha YBR Custom 125cc
Mileage: 2769 Year: 2014 Price: £1750 Gearbox: Manual Fuel: Petrol Manchester

Purchased brand new in the summer of 2014 from Yamaha dealer Robinsons Rochdale. I mostly rode the bike in the summers hence the very low mileage on the clock. I regularly changed the oil once a month at the minimum, cleaned and lubed the chain as well.

The bike is easy to maintain and easy to ride for first time riders. The bike also comes with dealer fitted heated handlebars for winter riding. The insurance for myself was around 600. Fuel on average would cost around 10 per month for my commuting needs.

During the Manchester Arena attack, my bike was stolen from my house as I guess the culprits believed the police would be too busy at the city centre and wouldn't bother with my bike and they were right.

They stole the bike and 2 days later was later found at a nearby water park by a neighbour walking her dog. I recovered the bike myself and the culprits broke through the headlamp and cut the wires in an attempt to hotwire the bike but they watched too many hollywood movies and had no idea what they were doing.

The insurance company refused to fix the bike. The total cost for myself when I initially bought the bike was around 3,000 (including the heated handle bar fitting). I have since had the bike fixed at a local garage and it is working fine. I have also replaced all the parts that were damaged by the idiots which was mostly the front headlamp that was smashed to pieces.

I am selling the bike for 1,725 at a loss considering similar 125 Customs from 2013 and below with more mileage are going for around the same price if not more, simply check auto trader.

Model: Custom 125cc
Year: 2014
Mileage: 2,769 miles
History: 1 owner from new (myself)

Phone: 07946241655